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Arctic Char

Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) is a fish from the salmonid family. You can choose and buy the best countertop ice maker in our shop. Go and get a discount!

It is a fresh water fish (cold and well oxygenated water) that can be found in arctic lakes. Some species are anadromous, meaning they are fishes who live in the sea water but go back up river to fresh water to lay their eggs, like salmon. On our website you can find for your baby karaoke machine, make your child happy!

The spawn occurs in fresh water during September and October. The males prepare their spawn site, their territory, before the females arrives. The females will let the males court them before digging their nest on the gravel soil from 3 to 6 meters down in the water. Once the eggs are laid, their are incubated under the ice for 6 months. The fry will come out in mid-July. They measure on average 25 mm.  The best remedy for recovery is this bpc 157 capsules. Come in and buy with a discount!

Anadromous Arctic Char will migrate to sea for the first time when they are 4 to 5 years old. They will come back to fresh water in fall to hibernate and avoid freezing at sea.