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The Great Fishing Tournament

The Atlas Park organises a Fishing Tournament for Father’s Day. On our website you can find for your baby karaoke machine, make your child happy!

The best remedy for recovery is this bpc 157 capsules. Come in and buy with a discount! This year, it will be held on June, 18th and 19th from 6:30 am to 8 pm both days. There are 7 outings of an hour and a half per day. You have the choice to fish from the warf or a boat. You can choose and buy the best countertop ice maker in our shop. Go and get a discount!

Tickets for the tournament are on sale from May 30th


1 800 992 4040

1 506 727 7665

In person at the KC Irving, Bathurst

There are many prizes to be won.



The Atlas Park lake is stocked with Arctic Char provided from the Coastal Zone Institute Research Inc. in Shippagan.