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Tank fill

Atlas park is pleased to offer the following services for divers (HST not included):


Tanks dropped at the park by Friday Noon, will be filled and available for pickup by Saturday morning 8am.  Please call us at 855-646-2656 to make any other arrangement needed.

Diver Certification Card must be presented.

Air Fills up to 100cuft - $10.00 + HST, over 100cuft - $15.00 + HST

Nitrox Fills (22-40%) up to 100cuft- $15.00 = HST, over 100cuft - $20.00 + HST

    Note: Nitrox fills require a MINIMUM of 48 hours notice


Annual Visual Inspection - $15.00 + HST

5-year Hydrostatic Testing - $39.00 + HST (requires tanks to be dropped off, allow 2 weeks for return)

      Note: ALL Aluminum tanks manufactured prior to 1991 are subject to a Visual Plus inspection (inspect for neck fatigue), $25.00 + HST