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The Lake and the Park

Atlas Park is located in the Village of Pointe-Verte, near the Bay of Chaleur, and is built around a flooded rock quarry which is now a recreational lake for several activities including SCUBA diving. It is actually the only PADI Recreational Dive Facility in Atlantic Canada! 

The Atlas Park lake is very deep (87 feet). Its water is limpid, in a controlled environment and unlike other lakes and rivers it doesn't have water currents.  It is the ideal site for training and classes of all levels.

Atlas Park is supported by on-site diver services including rental equipment, training and "discover diving" experiences, retail store, air and nitrox fills.  The park is open all year round with activities for all seasons.

The facility requires divers to register and pay a small daily fee to access ($15CDN day). The facility includes a lunch/snack bar, cafeteria type seating, washrooms, showers, lockers, and a retail/gift shop. The building has entertainment areas (outside and inside).

All divers must be certified open water divers with a certification from a major SCUBA agency such as PADI, SDI, NAUI, SSI, etc) OR be with a certified instructor for training.

Minors require legal parent or guardian signature.

Please review the park policies here.


The visibility in the rock quarry is usually excellent, due to the spring-fed water in the quarry. The bottom is rocky and silty, and the lake is stocked with Arctic Char for recreational fishing. This would make fishing line a hazard diving in the lake! The depth of the quarry extends down to 80ft, and there are a few items like sunken boats for divers to navigate. This is an excellent site for diver training, and for divers practicing skills.


Note: Divers can expect to encounter one or two thermoclines, depending on the depth of their dives

Ice cover can be expected from November - April, sometimes into early May

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