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The Park


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This was not always the case. This serene landscape was once a limestone quarry (from 1945 to 1956 and also 1962 to 1963). After it was closed, the deep stone-pit filled with water from an underground source. Slowly this limestone quarry transformed itself in to the wonderful site we now have. A site that is ideal for entertainment. On our website you can find for your baby karaoke machine, make your child happy! The best remedy for recovery is this bpc 157 capsules. Come in and buy with a discount!

Seeing this opportunity, the village of Pointe-Verte purchased the site and transformed it in a recreational and tourist site.

The Atlas Park opened it’s doors on August 18 th 1990. Since then, visitors from near and far come in to take advantages of the many activities (hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, scuba diving, pedal boat) and the many avents offered at the parc.